The copyright of satellite imagery distributed by the Open Spatial Data Sharing Project of AIR belongs to different satellites organizations. For satellite imagery in LANDSAT series, the copyright belongs to USGS; for THEOS satellite imagery, the copyright belongs to GISTDA of Thailand; for ENVISAT and ERS, the copyright belongs to ESA; for IRS-P6, the copyright belongs to ANTRIX of India. AIR owns the rights to receive, process, archive and distribute these data in China area. Any person or organization in China area whose identification has been confirmed by AIR can access and download data from the project without charge. The data can be used for scientific research, education and publicity. Users should acknowledge the copyright owner and AIR in the publications and research results. If you remix, transform or build upon the data, you can distribute the modified data for commercial purposes. However, you may not distribute the downloaded data directly. Any violation to the data policy would be prosecuted by AIR.

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