Mission Headline

Since March 16th, 2011, the Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR) has launched the Open Spatial Data Sharing Project for customers in China in order to change the customer service mode with an innovative way. Users in China can access and download the image data with standard size scene from various satellites involving LANDSAT-5/7, IRS-P6, ERS-1/2, ENVISAT-1. Currently, LANDSAT-8 data are available in the project. The latest LANDSAT-8 data which are received every day can be accessed and downloaded.

Data Sharing Situation

 Satellite  Number  The Volumes  Product types  File format  Date Range
 LANDSAT5 37362 14983GB  Level 2 Level 4  FASTB,GEOTIFF 1988.01-2011.05
 LANDSAT7 19499 11049GB  Level 2 Level 4  FASTL7A,GEOTIFF 1999.08-2003.05
 LANDSAT8 334560 531270GB  Level 2 Level 4  FASTB,GEOTIFF 2013.06-
 IRS-P6 7850 4051GB  Level 2  FASTc 2005.01-2009.12
ENVISAT1 13335 6761GB  MER ENVISAT 2003.12-2006.01
ERS2 19767 7099GB  PRI ENVISAT 2006.01-2009.12
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